Surveillance and Custom IP Camera Apps

Joule Networking has been specializing in surveillance systems and custom ip camera apps. When it comes to surveillance we have been in the business for over 15 years and we know what it means to have a system that goes beyond  “I want to pretend i have a system that works”. This means that we are perticular not only about the camera lens needs but also the appropriate event triggers that minimize on False-Positives.

Joule Networking also specializes in the Dog Kennel Cameras. Our Solution can provide camera coverage over individual kennels or larger play areas all run behing a web based app that allows you to choose the exact location where your customer’s loved pet may be.

  1. IP Camera Network and Web Integration
  2. Remote Viewing Setup (smart phones/internet)
  3. Security Assessment and Camera Placement Optimization
  4. Specialty Installations / Custom Installations
Custom IP Camera Solution – All American Pet Resorts
Surveillance Systems