In today’s world of information technology, there is an increasing need for businesses and organizations to become connected and integrated into an environment that facilitates communication and information sharing. Joule Networking is here to meet the needs of commercial and residential customers that are in need of general and specialized solutions.

Running your business from a central location, rather it be your home or corporate office, you can now have a virtual work environment that allows your business to have the flexibility you have always wanted.  With the growing speed of the internet you can now be connected to your computer systems. Regardless if it is your point of sale system or monitoring via cameras the day to day operations for quality assurance, we are here to help you meet those needs.


  1. IP camera installations and Custom IP Camera Installations
  2. Infrastructure cabling (fiber, voice, data, audio and video)
  3. Audio and video (home entertainment, surround sound, recording studios)
  4. Phone system repair and installation
  5. Computer/server maintenance, administration and troubleshooting
  6. Network consulting and configuration