IJoule Networking  can  set up a security monitoring system (CCTV – analog or IP based)  that lets you watch your business remotely while you are traveling or if you just need video surveillance for the piece of mind -  we can meet these demands. We offer complete solutions that allow you to connect to your surveillance and computer system through any device that can connect to the internet.               

  1. Network and Web Integration
  2. Remote Viewing Setup (smart phones/internet)
  3. Security Assessment and Camera Placement Optimization
  4. Specialty Installations / Custom Installations


Joule Networking has been cabling and wiring the Metro Detroit area for a variety of application and installs. We do the job right and take pride in our quality. There are too many instances where other installers overlook the small details (i.e. labeling and fireproofing). Joule Networking has the experience to meet all of your low voltage needs.  

  1. Data, Voice, and Coax
  2. DMARC Extensions
  3. Network Installs and Data Drops
  4. Relocating Phones and Fax Machines
  5. CCTV Wiring (IP and Coax)


Joule Networking has unique experience in the world of audio; ranging from commercial recording studio installs to home entertainment systems. If you want the latest and greatest gadgets that will bring you enjoyment for years to come, give us a call for your specialized solution.

    1. Public Announcement Systems
    2. Live Sound Systems (Churches, Halls, Nightclubs)
    3. Recording Studios
    4. Home Entertainment Systems
    5. Analog to Digital Transfer (VHS, tapes, records, 8 mm)


Joule Networking is able to provide IT Services ranging from general Computer and Server repair to troubleshooting and managing your entire system (AD, GPO, Exchange, etc.) Our highly trained and certified staff are knowledgeable in the following:

  1. Computer/server Repair, Administration and Consulting
  2. Remote Server Management
  3. Network Configuration (VPN, Firewalls)
  4. Web Consulting and Development